About Me

My family’s journey with Compassion started mid December 2014. I decided to look into Compassion just “on a whim” one evening. Looking at it now, it was God leading me to that website.

I researched and watched every video possible on Compassion’s site and my heart was moved in a way I haven’t felt in quite some time. I knew I had to help somehow… but how to make the decision on which of the thousands of children to sponsor?

It took many hours, much prayer and a few sleepless nights to make that decision. After talking with my husband, Phil, about it as well as texting my younger sister, Caitlynn, dozens of times, I was finally lead to sponsor our Sadurshika from Sri Lanka.

Sadurshika, age 8 (2015)

Sadurshika, age 8 (2015)

Though I am still very new in the scheme of things, I felt compelled to do more. I wish I could sponsor many more children… but I ended up finding out about the correspondence program.

Through this program, you are able to write to a child whose sponsor is unable or decides not to write. Writing letters and offering encouragement to these children is an important part of the program, and I was incredibly happy to sign up for it. I currently write to three children from Kenya and one from Guatemala.

With much prayer, I felt lead to join the Advocate network in order to help more children find loving sponsors. It is my prayer that God can use me to help these children and their families find a way out of poverty and discover hope.


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